Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So I finally did it

I asked him, "Do you like sushi?"

He replies, "No not really."

"Well do you like Japanese food?" I ask

"Yeah I love Japanese food."

"On Friday nights, a group of friends and myself, go to this great Japanese restaurant after work and hang out, I eat the sushi but they have all different kinds of entrees, would you like to come sometime?"

"Sure where is it?"

"Its not to far from here, off of Rt 16, we usually get a decent group a couple of guys a few girls, it is fun, we are trying to take over the bar."

"Really?" He smiles,

"Yeah its funny, I can give you a call with all of the details and let you know what time, sound good?"


I finally did it, I finally got the courage to ask this guy who I see all the time that I know from my neighborhood if he would like to join a few of us for Friday night Sushi/Japanese food. This guy is really quiet and I a little bit shy, so I haven't been able to read him at all when I see him, I can usually tell if a guy is interested or not, if there is any potential, but this one I just couldn't tell, but he is really nice and really cute, (and seems to have his shit together which is a HUGE thing for me). I've been wanting to ask him out for sometime now, but with my crazy schedule and not knowing if he would say yes, I didn't, but finally today I said SCREW IT and went for it.

I got his number and I will call him on Thursday to touch base, wish me luck.

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Cairde said...

Congrats!! He is obviously someone who knows a good thing when he sees it. Have fun!!